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Thomas Ryalls | Writer

Thomas is currently studying for his MA Writing Musicals at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, he is principally a book writer and lyricist. With a relatively late introduction to theatre and an even later introduction to musical theatre his work is often influenced but other modes of performance, such as spoken word, drag and pantomime but at the heart of each one is a desire for a good story and an attempt to reveal those voices that are not usually heard in Musical Theatre. @BoyandPen

Beth | Thomas Ryalls

Welcome to The Dunsinane, it is an under-loved gay bar in scarborough which is much-loved by the people who visit it. It’s also Beth’s home and castle, however it is under pressure from the outside to be closed down because it is too near to the local school. When the clock strikes midnight one September Beth doesn’t know the next 24 hours could tear her life apart, who will survive until the next midnight?

As a response to Macbeth, a text obsessed with masculinity, Beth rewrites it for a queer audience and attempts to expose the ways in which our addiction to masculinity has influenced our narratives. It is told entirely through slam poetry and the music is devised with a group of actor-musicians but it is still a musical.

Something wicked this way comes…