Emma Trow

Headshot 2.jpgEmma Trow | Composer & Librettist

Emma Trow trained as a singer at the Royal College of Music and then went on to gain her Masters in musical theatre at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She has been writing shows, both score and libretto, for her theatre company Pitgems since 2010. Shows which have been workshopped and performed to date are Firing Life, Deepover, INKING, We Only Breathe To Dream and Out Out Out. Tracks, her newest venture, will be travelling to the Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester this August where all proceeds will go to the Barnabus charity which supports the homeless there.  Her passion for writing comes from her love of language and the voice. Emma works as a freelance singing teacher and director, and currently resides happily in Godalming with her two cats and wonderful other half.

EstherTracks | Emma Trow

Tracks tells the story of six people struggling to survive in the homeless part of our society at a time of great unrest in the UK. We learn of their past and how they came to be where they are now, and how, over time, their stories collide. Set in Manchester, Tracks looks at where our world is going if we continue to ignore what is literally staring us in the face every day on our streets. In a fantastical twist, the homeless become the British government. There are no more homes and anyone who has survived this far must do so without the support of family and friends. Food is rationed and scavenged, and possessions are scarce. How will the world look if we turn the tables on today? And who will rule if no one wants to listen?