Adrian Kimberlin

AK head shot 03.14Adrian Kimberlin | Composer & Lyricist

Adrian is a Birmingham songwriter and producer. Having played bass/guitars with several bands (most notably Holy City) through the 90s, he established the Exit Recording company at the turn of the century. His own studio-based outfit Material Project releasing two albums under that label, 2005’s ‘Immersed’, with ‘Dokumenta’ following in 2008.

More recently, Adrian has composed, arranged and produced for numerous bands and solo artists, predominantly in the adult contemporary genre, the latest commercial release being Jackie Baker’s debut collection ‘Haunt Me’.

He is currently collaborating with actress/vocalist Sarah Riches on original material, due for release later this year. He is also writing with composer and musical director, Ian Stephenson, with a view to creating a WWI-based musical drama.

Work on Adrian’s own debut musical The Stars That Remain has been underway for three years and he is devoting the lion’s share of his commitments in 2016 to ensure its completion and production.

Amongst his most revered influences Adrian cites such luminaries as Cole Porter, Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, Nick Cave and Stephen Sondheim. @adriankimberlin

STR prov.The Stars That Remain | Adrian Kimberlin

The Stars That Remain is a new contemporary musical exploring both the endurance and the erosion of love. Set in a humdrum British town, it also addresses the fragility of life and the nature of addiction (with a cast of criminals, good and bad cops, florists and exotic dancers thrown in for good measure).

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